This makes me sick… PLEASE REBLOG TO SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

this is legit terrifying

reblogging because right now the american politics is more interesting than what’s going on in my own country

I’m going to cry

fucking hell

this is making me sick

i’m sorry i’ve been trying not to post so much on this blog but i am reblogging every piece of election awareness i see

if you are eligible to vote this election PLEASE DO SO

fuck fuck fuckington fuckballs

Kind of wrote this off as LOLTHEGUBMINTWANTSTOBRINGABOUTTHEAPOCALYPSE-type conspiracy theory but it starts to make a frightening amount of sense after a while. American politics is increasingly resembling an old armchair that used to be very nice and comfortable, but over years has slowly become riddled with termites to the point where if you try and use it it would probably collapse. Time to throw the old armchair out and make a trip to IKEA, I think.

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    oh it most definitely has, I have absolutely no doubts about that. It’s sad but it’s the world we’ve got now, all we can...
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    Quite. Another really awkward feeling is how I’m still getting notes for this even though it was one year ago....
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    ^ People in politics tend to have skewed views on morality to the point they believe their ideas are the only saving...
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