Orc, Vial of the Sands, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Thrall, Neltharionllidan, Lorthemar, Uther, Sargeras.

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    Race: Undead (which has a Warlock picture) Qiraji Live in: Dalaran Sewers Best Friend: Sylvanas Crush on You: Aegywnn...
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    Race - Troll Mount - Vial of Sands Live - Dalaran Sewers Best Friend - Varian Wrynn Crush - Medivh Lover - Garrosh...
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    Race: Goblin Mount: Chopper/Hog Live: Sholazar Basin Best friend: Alleria Windrunner Crush on you: Garona Lover:...
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    Race: Blood Elf Mount: Gryphon Live: Deepholm Best Friend: Illidan Crush on you: Kel’Thuzad Lover: Ysera Cockblocked by:...
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    ^—-Devioustwip, I about died reading yours. xDDD Goblin Celestial Steed Zangarmarsh Best Friend: Varian Wrynn Crush on...
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    So, uh. Something weird happened… Nightelf Mount: Spectral Tiger Westfall Best Friend: Genn Greymane Crush on You: Genn...
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    I think my nerd is showing…
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    A worgen who enjoys flying on a broom, lives in Violet Hold, is best friends with Malfurion and Lor’Themar Theron had a...
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    Saving for later
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    guess what i got on enemy…….
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    Race: Night Elf Drake Live in: Icecrown Best Friend: Sylvanas Has a crush on you: Malfurion Alexstrasza Cockblocked by:...
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    Race: Troll love rocket Live in: Westfall alleria windrunner Crush on me: aegynn kel’thuzad Cockblocked by: marudin...
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